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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Consider a Menopause Natural Treatment to Relieve Your Menopause Symptoms

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By Amanda Fairwood

These days many women are training themselves on the best menopause natural treatment that does not involve the synthetic hormones that are so regularly prescribed. Although hormone replacement therapy is still used widely in the U. S. to scale back the negative symptoms related to menopause, many females are becoming increasingly wary about this form of treatment that has reported adverse effects which include cancer.

The great news is that many of the non-drug menopause natural remedies are effective and not harmful and can be purchased privately from home.

The most popular forms of menopause natural remedies are herbal. They can be presented in the form of aromatherapy, salves, massage oils and gels, infusions, tablets or ointments. Their effectiveness is contributed to their ability to mimic the body's own hormone production of estrogen and can reduce the fluctuation in hormone levels that cause menopause symptoms such as night sweats, low sex drive, inability to sleep, waves of hot flashes, lack of mental acuteness and mood fluctuations to cite a couple. Most herbal formulas include maca root, dong quai, red clover or black cohosh.

Not only do to these herbs have the ability to mimic female hormones like estrogen, they additionally have their own special attributes that are notably good as a menopause natural treatment. For example, black cohosh has been excellent in mitigating the severity and how often a woman experiences profuse sweating at night, waves of hot flashes and intimate dryness.

Additionally, it evidently can do miracles with smoothing out the personality and reducing the frequency of mood changes. Maca root is known for bringing back a good libido. Dong quai works very well in combination with black cohosh and fights an inability also. Moreover, red clover has been known to chill night sweats and strengthen the cardiovascular system. An additional herb that is growing in its application with its wonderful benefits as a natural menopause treatment is clary sage. It is believed to regulate hormones and is most often used with geranium. Some gurus proclaim that clary sage also helps menopausal headaches, disrupted digestion, weepiness, moodiness, bloating, indigestion and hopelessness.

If you opt for a menopause natural treatment other than Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) always do your homework to find out the origin of the herbal treatments. Not all products are similar in quality, effectiveness or potency. Take the time to check the origin of the herbs when possible, review the warranties and what needs to be done to return an item to the businesses that distribute them and the non-subjective testimonials of women who have used them.

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