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Monday, October 12, 2009

Panic Attacks - The Key To Dealing With Anxiety Attacks Is To Nip Them In The Bud

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By Faye Swoboda

By attacking the attacks before it becomes a real problem, you aren't necessarily curing yourself of nervousness , panic or panic attacks but you are preventing it from becoming an uncontrollable problem.

Many folks will try to tell you that they can cure your panic, your anxiousness, your depression or any other unpleasant feeling you may have. The reality is these sensations aren't curable ; they're natural feelings that are part of our lives. They generally tend to crop up when the situation warrants.

Your bro dies, you get depressed, you lose your job and you get anxious. This is the way things work. How they do not work is that you get in panic when you are in the produce section because you are uncertain about what to make for dinner or you have concerned feelings when sitting at home with your folks or getting your nails done at the salon. These are unusual and peculiar times for anxiety to crop up and for attacks to strike.

Controlling these types of reactions is the focus. There are tools you to address some of the emotional and physical reactions that are cropping up at inconvenient times. But first, a little here about some of the afflictions, fears and conditions that can lead to such overwhelming agitation and disruption of your life.

A panic fit is a frightening and hideous experience. It takes both a physical and mental toll on your life. As your chest starts to tighten, your breathing becomes more labored and your heart starts to palpitate, you wonder what's going down.

Your gut tightens, your muscles ache, you begin to get dizzy and light headed. The disorientation and physical sensations coursing thru your body are worrying. Are you dying? Are you having a heart attack? Is this the end?

These thoughts race thru your intellect as you struggle to assume control. Imagine if this happened to you frequently or even many times each day. How could you live a standard life? The answer's you can't.

What's worse is the anticipatory fear of having a panic attack can be even more paralyzing. They're so scary that you can spend the rest of the time when you are not having an attack, troubling about when you're going to have one.

The fear stops you from driving because what if this happened in the car? The fear stops you from going to dinner with friends as it could happen while you are out. The fear forestalls you from taking your youngsters to the park because what would happen if you get in panic while out with your youngsters.

Soon the worry so meddles with your life that your life is unrecognizable. You are afraid all of the time, unable to do things, distracted when interacting with others and unable to focus.


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For most, anxiety attacks panic attacks often occur without warning and with no apparent reason. A person who has no anxiety problems in his whole life may simply start to have one suddenly.Breathing exercises,such as diaphragmatic breathing have proven very useful solution for anxiety and depression.

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