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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Turn Bad Times into a Good Life

Posted by patrick

By Sean Flynn

When too much of stress is put on the amount of money one needs to be happy then true happiness evades us and it is difficult to have a good life. Instead if we can change our attitude and find a way of living a new life with new standards then we can still find a good life.

People have had to sell their homes and their vehicles and start life anew after loosing their jobs. This does not stop them from hoping for a better future and making the best of whatever they have. Life has to go on and it has to be a good life no doubt.

There are simpler and less expensive ways of entertainment like visiting friends instead of going to the discotheques and expensive restaurants. Communicating with people and relatives had almost gone out of fashion with everyone making their own fancy plans. Now a step backwards may improve human relation ships and family ties. This also means that one is leading a good life because there is regular communication with family.

Saving on fuel and walking to nearby shops and other places instead of driving down would help in saving money and loosing those extra kilos too. This means you are on your way to a slimmer you as well as better health. Money saved and better health is indeed a good life too.

Most people had forgotten to walk and took the car out for the smallest distance instead of exercising their limbs. Trying to conserve money used for fuel forces people to walk instead, and this regulates their blood pressure and diabetes and makes them lead a healthier good life.

Do not sit down and mourn your bad times instead find ways of getting around to doing something you will enjoy and you will find that it is still a good life. Maybe you had a lot of home chores done by paying for them like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, washing the car, try and save on all this and do it yourself.

Learning to find happiness and appreciate human values is something which a lot of us need to do. Retirement is an age when most people will have to depend on friends and family for entertainment. When you loose a job and have to fend for yourself in other ways remember that this is just a lesson which you have to learn ahead of time for the future. A little kindness extended to the old who have had it all at one time and are now in the twilight years of their life will definitely give you some happiness and make them feel that they have a good life too.

Teach the kids to economize and not to waste stuff. This will become a good habit which they will benefit from in later years. Teaching your kids the right things will help them to lead a good life one day and they will thank you for inculcating these habits in them.

If there are kids involved it will not be easy to explain the situation to them so you will have to sit down and talk to them and make them feel secure too. Do not let any insecurity breed in their hearts as this will create other problems. Show them how you can lead a good life in spite of cutting down on luxuries and maybe even a few essentials. A good life is being happy together as there are many things which money cannot buy.

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