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Monday, October 26, 2009

Setting Goals That Motivate Employees

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By Peter Furness

In this part of our guide to management we look at setting goals.

The setting of goals is one of the most significant, but frequently forgotten about, tasks at work. Yet, by applying some basic guidelines, managers and their employees can set and achieve goals that push themselves and their organization forward.

Managers often times assume that employees automatically know the goals of the company. This is not always the case, yet employees need to be clear on them so as to achieve them. Scheduling weekly or monthly meetings with members of staff to talk about the position of the company and upcoming goals can do great things for the morale of employees. Employees that know the direction that the company is going are more likely to be going in the same direction.

Managers and their employees need to communicate to formulate mutually agreed upon goals. Employees appreciate being listened to during the setting of goals and tend to achieve set goals if they have had an integral part in setting them.

Merely setting a goal to improve sales does little to inspire the sales team. However, if the goal is to improve sales by five percent during the month of July, the goal becomes more focused and measurable. Goals should include amounts, times and dates. Being specific results in a much better chance of the goal being accomplished.

Should goals be established and employees are never told if they have been achieved, the whole idea of goal setting becomes without credit. Managers need to update employees regularly throughout the time period set for accomplishing a goal to let them know how near they are to reaching it.

Ensuring everyone is focused on a goal is as simple as noting the goals down and sticking them in an easily visible area. Taking this a step further, management could even plot the progress toward the goals. This is advisable because only being made aware after the allotted time has elapsed that a goal was not achieved damages morale.

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