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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Importance or Unimportance of Teeth Whitening

Posted by patrick

By Jill Brennan

No one is perfect. We just get all too superficial at times, it happens to everyone. We are not above the occasional need to ridicule and judge especially in an unsolicited manner. Some if not most of us would always carry this pet peeve about certain facial features about people. One of which is the teeth.

Just looking at those teeth whitening commercials where at first they have the model having yellowish teeth and feeling a little short on confidence, being shy and generally not wanting to participate in group conversations even. After trying the teeth whitening product, it just shows them smiling brightly the whole time, having guts that they didn't have before and overall just feeling good about themselves. Of course, those ads are exaggerated (as they always are in my opinion) but they are true nonetheless. People do care if you have whiter teeth!

Yes, people do tend to associate teeth color with one's personality or character. That is the case whether we would like to admit it or not. It's simply an apparent indication that tells them a little bit about one's hygiene, sort of an easy preview of that. Although that may not be fair at times and doesn't necessarily reflect your personality, it is reality.

Now how do you handle that? Look for options on teeth whitening. The 2 major methods of teeth whitening are In-office whitening and at-home whitening. There are subcategories as well as alternative methods of course and getting information on as many of these options as you can first before you do any action is a really good idea. But before that, it's probably even a better idea and a high time that we think about the different causes of teeth staining as well as ways of preventing it. Since we are very into the idea of getting our teeth whitened at this point, we're most likely at the mindset of really wanting to keep it that way as well.

In today's society, people are really inclined to think that having stained teeth automatically equates to having poor oral hygiene and this, in turn, translates into the need for us to whiten our teeth in the first place so that we will not be seen as 'having poor oral hygiene'. Now this is definitely a factor but hardly the only one. We need to consider other things as causes for this like the type of food that we eat and drink, whether we smoke (relatively big contributor), medicine and naturally, aging which even varies genetically in rapidity.

We really cannot be easily faulted for having yellowish teeth or whatever shade of color teeth we would have. It's more of a natural phenomenon than anything else. But that doesn't change the fact that it doesn't look good. It may be argued by some as a form of vanity depending on who you're talking to but it's certainly not frivolous. Having your teeth whitened if nothing else would be a sure-fire way to boost your confidence. It's accurately reflected by those sometimes annoying toothpaste and teeth whitening commercials.

There are other benefits that can be derived from having your teeth whitened and they'd all be stemming from increased confidence which is really important. One exciting scenario as an example is giving that simple smile to a crush which they'd give back. You'll be excited about thinking that they might've seen and noticed your whiter teeth and you'll think to yourself, 'score 1 for me'. Of course, one can definitely go through life without having a single teeth whitening session but getting the chance to experience something like that could be worth more than what you'll be shelling out.

As a final note, teeth whitening is a subjective activity, one that people are doing for themselves and as a form of taking care of themselves. There shouldn't be any discussion on whether it is vain or not and I'm not sure if there is anyway. But just as a reminder, it's certainly not on the same level as cosmetics that involve permanent bodily alterations and generally regarded as vain and even dangerous for the health. This one is of the good variety and more of whether if you have the extra cash for this would be the issue at hand. It's your choice.

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