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Friday, January 22, 2010

Why You Need Weight Loss Doctors in Texas To treat Obesity

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By Donn Doell

Weight loss doctors in Texas are probably the most sought-after, proficient weight loss doctors of the world. With Many hospitals and medical institutions having a special focus on bariatric medicine, finding a doctor who specializes in weight loss is easier than ever. With the high number of obese individuals in the state, bariatric medicine is commonly practiced.

Food and life style is changing rapidly, people are opting for easily, and quickly obtainable food that is unhealthy. With farms located hundred of miles from residential areas, it is impossible to get food that is rich in nutrition; all the food items go through a number of processing procedures before it can be consume and all that is left with the food when it is eaten is just a meager amount of nutrition and a lot of fat to add those extra pounds to your body. Many point out eating habits and lifestyle to be the main reason behind obesity. Obesity is a matter of serious concern in Texas and people pay a lot of attention to such issues. The obesity rate in Texas has increased unimaginably from just about 3% in the 19th century to about more than 60% now. This is, in fact, a very serious situation; the rate of obesity in teenagers is too increasing rapidly, doubling and tripling each year.

Obesity is medical condition that can be treated and can be done cosmetically. Bariatric medicine is definitely the popular field of medicine in Texas where over 60% of people are obese. The most practiced weight loss procedures of doctors in Texas are the Lap band and Gastric bypass procedure which are also approved by the FDA.

The Laparoscopic Gastric Band procedure or commonly known as the lap band involves using an adjustable plastic band to place around the top of the stomach which limits the amount of food entering the stomach. This procedure is mostly preferred by patients because of its benefits compared to other type of surgery procedures. Patients recover easily and the pain is tolerable. There is no cutting or stapling of any plus the process is reversible. The most widely used types of band by doctors in Texas are the standard and the large band. In extreme cases of obesity where the maximum possible weight loss has to be achieved, large bands are used. In normal instances, Standard is favored while the second most popular surgery is the Gastric bypass or Roux-en-Y surgery

As a serious procedure, Bariatric surgery does not merely get rid of extra fats but has its own risks. There are many factors that cans lead to more serious complications plus the critical stages of the surgery: before, during and after the surgery. Due to this, the weight loss doctors in Texas conduct counseling and in-depth evaluation of patients before proceeding further into the surgery. Patients are thoroughly examined to gather all the vital information that is the key to the success of the surgery.

Weight loss doctors in Texas also pay attention in the recovery phase of the patient after the surgery because this is the critical phase of the procedure that determines if the operation is effective and no complication occurs. Patients must follow precisely all the instructions that is set by the doctor to avoid side effects and achieve excellent results.

The gravity and seriousness of the procedure requires expert doctors that are well experienced with the treatment. To achieve lasting effects, healing must be given with utmost care and sensitivity. Your weight will gradually reduce until slowly reaching the desired weight after a successful procedure. Loosing weight will sometimes result to looseness of skin if you are really large which can easily be fixed by undergoing cosmetic surgery. Excess skin can be eliminated through lifting exercises.

Bariatric procedures are the main option for obese individuals who want to do something about their excess weight and firm their body. Though there are risks involved, when done by an experienced weight loss doctor in Texas the surgery is sure to have an excellent impact on your life.

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