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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Executive Job Search Tips - How To Prepare An Executive Level Job Resume

Posted by patrick

By Jason Lee

If you are not qualified up to the mark and just making resume will not mean that you will get a job. Simply designing a resume will not get you a job either nor will it open up doors or knock down obstacles in your path. Generally entry level or mid level resume's is not longer than executive resumes. Everything in the resumes should have a specific career target and should show a specific caliber of whom you are and why you are valuable.

1. Start your resume with a summary rather than an objective, it should highlight your strongest selling point or say your USP. It would enable a reader to consider you as asset. The main point to note here is that through this you should be able to convey the type of profile you are searching for and your major career contribution.

2(c) Work History should be shown chronologically. While presenting your work profile in your resume it is always good to display it properly in a reverse chronological way or it may confuse the reader. This format way finds an easy acceptance by most of the employers when they try to go through the resumes. Moreover, even when trying to show any less-than-stellar experience of yours in your work profile, make it a point to include the job title, employer details and dates of employment. In case, you are not following these standards, the chances of your resume not making an impression and going through elimination become quite probable.

3 Your Resume should be more about that what you did instead what were your duties in the job. Rather than describing your scope of responsibility describe your achievements and contribution. Things you did to improve the revenue, profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction or contribution to other business objective. As an Executive it is better to be focus on strategic contribution rather than administrative task. By doing all this things be sure that you are communicating the big picture in your resume. Employers are pretty intelligent; they can make assumptions based on the job titles.

4(a) Your accomplishments will have even more impact if you present them in context or in relation to a specific challenge. Instead of writing that you have increased the revenue by 23 percent you should write that you reversed a five year declining revenue trend by focusing business development efforts in niche market. You achieved the profitability for the first time since 2002. You should make the reader to skim through the resume to pick the important information. Use of enhancement, bullets and indications make your information easy to absorb. It's important to keep in mind that you don't make any spelling, punctuation or grammatical error.

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