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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Becoming a Clairvoyant Free of Self-Doubt

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By Paul B Dickinson

The topic of clairvoyance is one of the most controversial subjects in the world. The reason is that for all people, it challenges their beliefs and understanding of life, religion, and the universe. Medical science has discovered so much about the human brain but there is still a large part of it whose function remains unknown. Many people believe that be a clairvoyant free of misconception, that one is harnessing the power of a sixth sense that originates from this unknown region of the human brain.

Perhaps everyone has a bit of clairvoyant ability at their disposal. They just may not know it. For others-a minority to be certain-clairvoyant abilities are obvious and undeniable. These are the people we hear of who are considered natural clairvoyants. Other people, however, may wish to explore their own clairvoyant abilities or gifts and try to develop this sixth sense. If you want to develop your clairvoyant abilities, you must become a clairvoyant free of all self-doubt.

So if you want to become a clairvoyant free from doubt, the first thing you need is an openness and acceptance of psychic phenomena. As long as you remain close-minded or doubtful about such concepts, you will not be able to access your own clairvoyant potential. So try to stay open to all the possibilities.

Clairvoyance refers to an ability to discern or see events that you are not physically or directly participating in or seeing with your own physical eyes at the time. This could include past or future events or even something that is going on right now in a different place where you cannot physically view it, such as across the state or in another country. For some clairvoyants, this insight comes as a flash or burst of a vision. For others, it is a strong feeling of danger or stress or that something is dreadfully wrong. You have probably heard stories of people who got premonitions of sorts and changed their plans and thereby averted disaster-like thinking their plane will crash so they change their flight and then later find out that indeed that original plane did crash and they would have been killed if they had kept their original plans.

So, in order to become a true clairvoyant free your mind of all skepticism and open your awareness to be all-encompassing. Clairvoyance is drawn from the universe around us, and in order to develop as a clairvoyant you must be able to become as one with this universe. To develop this serene sense of "oneness" you must first learn to practice meditational type exercises.

Everything around us is born of, and is therefore a part of the universe and it is by learning to attune our spirits with it that we can tap into the universal continuum, and see events that have taken place or that are yet to take place, or sometimes something that is happening elsewhere in the world.

A clairvoyant free to connect with this universal pool of existence will at first often just see small particles of information and may not be able to discern any real meaning of what he or she sees. It may be even just be an emotion that is picked up, or an image of something, or something "heard" in the deep recesses of the mind. But this is the beginning. Learning to recognize it for what it is (a communication with the universal continuum) is the first step.

To be a successful clairvoyant belief is everything, for if you have any shadow of doubt, you will not be able to progress to the level of the complete clairvoyant free from worrying what they see, or feel, or hear being only in their imagination.

In our society, it is sometimes difficult to accept that we may have any clairvoyant abilities at all. Certainly we were never encouraged to think so in our upbringing. Rather, the focus of our education was on concrete objects and verifiable facts or equations, not fanciful thoughts or imagination.

However, if you can move past this stage, you become more attuned and receptive to a clairvoyant experience. Getting into a trancelike mode of meditation is a necessary prerequisite. This helps you eliminate feelings of doubt and any other preconceived ideas. With time and practice, you'll be able to tune in to this place deep within yourself more quickly. You will become more aware of the spiritual universe and less aware of your physical surroundings.

To better develop as a clairvoyant, free yourself from any distractions or negativity. This could be objects, people, or even places. If it contributes to your disharmony, separate yourself. Cleanse your environment from anything that is not conducive to your receptiveness.

Above all, you must have confidence in your own ability. A clairvoyant free from self doubt is a confident clairvoyant who will instill that same confidence in his/her ability in those round them

You may find that certain tools of the trade can help your ability, such as tarot cards for example. These tools can help to interpret the meanings of messages and can reinforce concentration.

Many famous individuals consult with clairvoyants regularly and in particular prior to making critical life decisions. They believe in the power of their gift. If you discover this gift in yourself, you, too, can use the gift to help others.

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