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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How To Succeed With Distance Learning Education While You Work

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By Mary Jackson

One of the main attractions of a distance learning education is the ability to continuing working, and earning a paycheck, while going to school. With the best of both worlds, students do not have to attend classes on campus. In addition, they have the flexibility to study at a personal pace and during the time best suited to their schedule. No wonder obtaining an online degree is enticing more people to further their education.

However, even learning online is not perfect. It requires a lot of discipline to stay on task and keep personal priorities straight. As a learner, you must be intrinsically motivated to succeed. Without the in-class interaction between peers and the professor, it is more difficult to keep focused on the ultimate goal.

So, how can a distance learner overcome the challenges of shuffling work, school, and family? Creating and sticking to a schedule is the only way to survive and succeed. The trick is to apportion a 24 hour day to include enough time for the family, work, and school responsibilities. Thus, it is very important to let the family in on the plan, and when you should not be disturbed. Again, do not give into the temptation to deviate from the plan.

Staying motivated can be difficult for many who are earnestly striving for a distance learning education. Therefore, it is imperative to stay in contact with fellow students. With the availability of email, instant messages, class online message boards, and online chat, it is a great way to commiserate, encourage, and discuss assignments and projects. Staying in touch with other students taking the class helps in keeping each other active in class and accountable.

Also, do not forget to give yourself a pat on the back once in a while. Set up a calendar of specific goals. When the milestone is reached, reward yourself. Thus, it will be a source of encouragement and help in facing the inevitable hurdles presented by a distance learning education. In essence, it is nice to see and acknowledge personal progress.

Finally, a quiet place to study, away from distractions, is paramount. The television, telephone, and family will be very distracting and take away from quality study. Set times to not be disturbed. If necessary, lock yourself in a quiet room with adequate space to spread out on a table or desk. Sit in a comfortable chair and add any necessary elements to ensure an environment conducive to productive study.

Distance learning education is an excellent way to improve job opportunities and acquire a desired degree. However, success depends on the individual. With hard work, determination and the discipline to stay on track and maintain good study habits, academic excellence is within sight, without relocating and sacrificing job and family.

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