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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Is A Funeral Director And What Are His Main Responsibilities

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By Shirley Cruise

A funeral director's main job is to make preparations for the cremation or burial of the deceased and for the funeral rites that precede the burial.

The essential tasks of a funeral director can be divided into four broad heads, shifting the dead body, preparing it for the funeral service, making preparations for people to assemble and pay their final respects to the departed and finally the actual cremation or burial of the body as per the choice or tradition of the family.

These tasks involve focusing on essential activities like deciding the venue and timings of the funeral ceremonies, arranging for a car to transport the body, and writing obituaries and posting them in print or the electronic media. Besides, funeral directors have to make arrangements for flowers and have the decoration done for each ceremony, make provisions for conveyance for the assembled people and clothe the body for the service after embalming it.

A funeral director has a lot of responsibilities besides the ones mentioned above, including performing the essential paperwork formalities as required. He facilitates obtaining of a death certificate for the dead person. He also makes preparations to settle any claims of insurance, and helps the family in applying for veterans' burial benefits. He also takes care of problems related to clearance of pension and annuities of the deceased to the rightful beneficiary and aids the family to come up with a budget for the services.

Moreover, a funeral director has to liaise with a wide range of people so that he can perform his tasks in a systematic way. He has to deal with not just the casket makers and flower sellers but also priests and doctors.

Lastly, the funeral directors must be humane too and should attempt to provide some solace to the grieving family and try to help them out of their grief over the death of a loved one. Though a few funeral directors ignore this responsibility, it is an important aspect in a profession like this.

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