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Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Get Rid Of Body Hair

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By Anthony Rogers

A large number of individuals face the issue of unwanted hair and struggle to get results even after experimenting with several methods of hair removal. The kind of hair removal technique that is best suited for you depends on the area and concentration of hair growth along with your type of skin and its sensitivity.

Shaving is the most widespread method of removing hair. Even though shaving is effective and inexpensive, the problem is that it is only temporary and you have to keep on shaving on a routine basis in order to maintain hair-free skin. For instance, men shave their facial hair on a daily basis. Shaving is also good for ridding areas such as chest or legs of unwanted hair.

Another technique is waxing of body hair. It is a complicated process, which generally cannot conveniently be done at home on your own. The benefit of waxing is that the hair is extracted from the root, and it takes a couple of weeks to grow back, providing freedom from unwanted hair for a longer period. But keep in mind that waxing is a painful process of hair removal and must not be done on sensitive body parts.

Application of hair removal cream is yet another often used technique, and since its application is simple, you can do it on your own. It is a pain-free process, but the effects don't last as long as those of waxing. There is an additional danger of rashes developing on the skin due to the chemicals contained in the cream.

People having unbalanced hair growth can decide to have hair taken from higher hair growth areas and get hair transplant done in areas with sparse growth. This procedure is complicated and must only be attempted if no other alternatives are available.

Lastly, there is another technique known as laser hair removal, which is also the most costly. The main benefit of laser treatment is its permanent results. But for avoiding scarring or other accidents, it should only be done by trained specialists.

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