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Thursday, January 21, 2010

How To Cope Wiith Job Loss

Posted by patrick

By John Smith

Many questions on the Interviewing message board have shown some of our readers' problem in getting a search after leaving or losing a job. But according to me it may be useful for us to start a job at the beginning.

One thing is very clear about the work culture of the new millennium is that nearly all work is now short term, frequently even careers themselves. You have to prepare for change whether it suits your style or not. If we mention the current statistics so we can see that almost all say that the average job is only about three to four years now, but if we talk about 15 years ago when the average tenure of the job was 10 years.

It is good to understand in advance that there will be emotional ups and down, most importantly during the first few days of you're joining. This journey will include depression, apathy, denial, anger, and then some more anger. Everyone goes through this stage to one degree or another, and I don't believe that why people don't believe this.

It is not good to call immediately to everyone you know and start sending out resumes, answering ads, and calling recruiters. Because most of the times chances are like that you're not mentally prepared for the immediately start a search after a separation. Don't do a job search "on the rebound." you'll probably say things that you will wish you hadn't. It is good to share your true feelings with your loved once - maybe a significant other and/or a friend would be quite enough. You don't want everyone to avoid you ("Uh oh, here comes the whiner..."). Now's the time to adopt the marketing stance that your career - no matter how you perceive the reality - has been sunshine, light, and success. And you want everyone to know about those

Calling to everyone you know is NOT networking. Networking is a indirect relationship building, quite a different thing.

It is good to develop a target, in my private practice, I was deluged with people announcing, " I want to be in TV." I never knew what that meant...did it mean television repair? If you want to develop a target it is the beginning of your job search. What is the job function - specifically? What is the desired culture? Geographic location? Size of organization? Do you want to start your own business? Consult? Do you have Dot-com-Virus? This may all involve some extensive self-assessment, with or without outside assistance - but it's necessary.

And then, of course, you need to research your target.

It is good to stick on the marketing plans which you have created. Work the system; there are no shortcuts, except for the occasional bolt of lightning. Discipline and consistency this two things account for a lot in this process.

It is good to be flexible. If you're really listening while developing those relationships, your target might shift and adjust.

Losing or leaving your job doesn't mean that you are carrying the stigma it used to, except in your own mind. Its part of the culture now. And everyone has to admit this thing that everyone has to go through this process one day.

If you are loosing a job or leaving a job it doesn't mean the stigma it used to, except in your own mind. Its part of the culture now which everyone has to face one day.

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