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Friday, January 1, 2010

How To Quit Smoking With Cig-Arette

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By John Andrews

A lot of smokers mean to quit but keep putting it off, telling themselves that theyll quit tomorrow; or even after the cigarette theyve just lit! Smokers know that once they quit, theyll have to cope with the gnawing sensations that withdrawal can bring; however, its all worth it since once you quit your body can begin to repair the damage done by smoking. While you will have to learn new methods of coping with stress, your body will thank you. Is there a way to quit for good which isnt as hard as the other methods like cold turkey? There is and its so easy that youll be amazed.

Of course, the first step in overcoming any addiction is wanted to quit and making a resolution to do so. It might be helpful to make a list of the reasons you want to quit. For instance, there is all of the money youll save (especially with cigarettes at nearly $10 a pack in many areas, this is a good argument for quitting), the better health youll enjoy and many more besides. You dont need to make a list of the harmful effects " we all know these very well. One statistic you need to know is that out of those who go cold turkey, only about 20% make a permanent change. Some switch to nicotine gum, but the best thing is not to be addicted to nicotine at all.

Cig-Arette has helped a lot of smokers to finally make the change and quit. Using all-natural ingredients, Cig-Arette is a safe way to lessen the withdrawal symptoms and the cravings. It also helps your body begin to heal even as it helps you to resist the urge to smoke.

The withdrawal symptoms of quitting any drug are hard to deal with and smoking is one of the most difficult habits of all to quit. However, the four formulas offered by Cig-Arette contain ylang ylang oil, which is a natural relaxant to help reduce the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It also contains iron, which is part of the process of stimulating dopamine production (the natural brain chemical which makes you feel good when you smoke). Not only does iron help to alleviate the cravings, its also good for your health in general.

Being a smoker lowers the level of many important nutrients in your body; two of the four formulas of Cig-Arette contain some important minerals like iodine as well as the natural anti-oxidant and relaxant rosemary oil to help repair the damage caused by smoking while replacing some essential nutrients.

Cig-Arette makes it a lot easier to quit smoking, but as you break the habit, there will be days which are harder than others. You might want to keep Cig-Arette handy even after the withdrawal symptoms subside, since the cravings will persist after the withdrawal is gone. It can calm you and take the edge off of your cravings so that you dont resort to cigarettes. Eventually, the cravings will be gone and youll regain your health; and your freedom!

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