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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fashion Mistakes Men Need To Avoid

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By Melanie R. Carter

Appearing good's as imperative for men as it is for girls. Dressing fashionably isn't something that comes naturally to most of the men. In fact, most males finish up making some or the other fashion mistake. While a number of these errors are passable, there are some that will make you set in class of perfect fashion cock up. If you don't wish to have a place in the same class, make sure that you avoid the following mistakes.

Teaming socks with sandals is a gigantic no-no for the trendy lot. it's still one of the most clear fashion blunders as made by many men. It is important to appreciate that socks have a pairing with shoes alone. If you wear them with sandals, you will simply end up looking unusual. Well sandals are usually meant to sport an off-the-cuff look. to beat the chill many tend to wear socks along. If you want to flaunt an informal look while wearing your socks, you can go in for sneakers or loafers. In this fashion you can enjoy the double benefit of socks and the style.

Lately men have shown a wish towards novelty items such as ties, shirts and shorts for example. Regardless of how cool they how cool they look they should be dodged at any cost. The necktie with a smiley or the boxer with 12 of red hearts may look very appealing but rarely ever work out when actually worn. Ideally, men should go for what looks the most simple.

Exhibiting design labels is also another fashion cock up. Many men tend to wear items of clothing with brand names imprinted boldly on them. You do not need to publicize any particular brand; especially not by wearing clothes which have the name written in loud letters across the chest, the arm or the back. Attempt to keep it as simple and understated as possible.

If you're a proud owner of any chunky shoes then it's time you drop your highly prized possession. Chunky shoes are another big fashion mistake that you will make. These shoes were fashionable way back in the 90's but they are completely out of trend. While all corpulent shoes look as bad, it's the one with square toes that are the worst. Give away these shoes and instead go for classic shapes.

No matter how much you like the bling, keep away from it as much as possible. Glittery and glossy garments have no place in someone's wardrobe, not even for club nights. Such kind of clothing customarily finish up making you look tacky. Instead wear the simple and suave black shirt and you are sure to grab a few eyeballs wherever you are.

Avoid these fashion mistakes and you can steer clear of becoming the laughing stock of the town.

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