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Friday, January 1, 2010

First Steps Towards A Conscious Out Of Body Experience

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By Anthony Lussier

The astral dimension can be roughly summed up as an immaterial parallel plane existing alongside the one we are familiar with and which offers seemingly limitless possibilities of experience. Think of it as a very lucid dream intersecting with our physical world.

It is typical when out of the physical body to be aware of oneself as a point of consciousness or energy which hovers about in the environment. During these times there seems to be no restrictions in relation to the laws of physics (like gravity). The world around us seems as real - more real even - as the one we are accustomed with and time is perceived in an altered fashion as well.

Although there are common denominators to all out of body experiences, there are several variables that make each experience unique. Most people report that their first few oobes changed their perception of life and of themselves.

Begin your out of body exploration by selecting a time and place where no one will disturb you. Contrarily to what many think, trying to perform astral projection at night is not the most auspicious time - early morning is. This is because the chemical balance in the brain at this time is conducive to the oobe state.

Begin by allowing your mind and body to relax as deeply as possible while still staying attentive. After some time you will enter the theta brainwave state. It is a slow-frequency state reminiscent of meditation and dreaming. It is not an easy feat to reach this level of relaxation for most people.

It may help to focus your mind on an object such as a burning candle during the relaxation process. It does not matter what the object is as long as you are comfortable with it and it channels your mental energy. Take care to breathe slowly and deeply (without straining). When you feel like it, start to visualize and try to get a sense of what astral projection would be like.

You will know you are nearing the theta state as your body will feel more heavy and may even appear to be paralyzed. This is a normal occurrence called 'sleep paralysis' which happens when your brain actually thinks your body has fallen asleep.

At this point, it will be time to act out an exit technique to have the physical and energetic bodies separate from each other. You can, for example, imagine a rope hanging down from above you. Reach for it mentally or energetically and pull yourself out of your body. Don't move your physical body one iota or you will ruin your attempt. Use whatever visualization or exit technique you like - it is the feeling which matters.

The transition out of the body may happen quickly or not. What is important is to execute the exit method at the right time when you are deep into the theta state - otherwise you may only end up moving the physical body and have to begin over as your trance state will be broken.

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