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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taking A Look At Mental Telepathy

Posted by patrick

By Rachel Jordan

The term 'mental telepathy' is misleadingly broad. It essentially means the direct communication of thoughts between people without using the basic five senses. There is a huge difference, however, between having a creepy feeling that someone is watching you and being able to pick the plans for a nuclear reactor out of an unsuspecting scientist's mind. Mental telepathy covers a huge range of abilities from very basic to fairly complex. This article will attempt to explain the different levels of mental telepathy.


If you are a parent who has tried to tell your kid or spouse something non-verbally by using your body language, eyes and facial expressions, then you would know what Kinesics or non-verbal communication is. In this form of non verbal communication almost everything can be said without speaking by merely using the eyes and expressions and body language. For this kind of communication you need to know the other person well in order to communicate effectively. Its most effective between parents, children, lovers and intimate friends.

Most people do not regard this form of communication as mental telepathy since here communication is through senses and not just with sounds. Theoretically, this argument holds good. However, we cannot disregard the role of mental telepathy here. The very observation that this kind of non verbal communication is most effective in people who are intimate with each other or know each other well tells us that the minds of these people are more in synch with each other. However, skeptics may argue that this communication is merely effective because people who know each other well understand each other's body language well or have previously developed a mode of non verbal communication.


Through empathy it is possible to directly experience the emotions of others or connect on an emotional level. Putting yourself in another's shoes' and understanding how they feel is not something everybody is able to do. Training and practice can increase empathy. Imitating the emotions of others, even to the point of spontaneously laughing or crying is something actors and sociopaths can do everyday.

Sympathetic pain or truly feeling the pain of the other person is often experienced by many. This can be particularly prevalent in mothers who even develop a fever when their children are sick. There are times when close friends or relatives actually feel the pain whether it's emotional or physical or even mental of the other person. Then there is something known as long distance empathy which all of us have known and experienced at one time or the other. This happens when some one real close to us has problem or gets hurt or even is in danger and is somewhere else and we feel their pain and emotion.

Overactive imagination has been blamed by some psychologists and they feel other senses are being used, so it doesn't count as mental telepathy. How would you explain the phenomena of long-distance empathy, when you are not in proximity to the person? This might explain the feelings experienced if you have sympathetic pain after seeing your child break his arm, however.


Thought transference of symbols, numbers, or names of objects between two minds is beyond the regular five senses in communication. A designated sender and receiver, intense concentration, training, and practice are often involved in this type of mental telepathy, such as a mind reader or physic with a television audience, who is able to guess the names of loved ones or what card a person is holding in their hand.

It is easier to communicate through thought alone if it is a simple symbol or object than more complex thoughts. A color may be easier to convey than an animal or a general shape easier to communicate than a person's name.

This level involves a lot of trials in telepathy. In these experiments Zener cards are used. These cards have simple symbols engraved on them like black and white patterns, squares, circles, waves etc. There are many cynics and doubters who may say that since there are merely five cards involved, there is a probability of a guess being right at least 20% of the time. However, on the other end, people feel that having known symbols can enhance the thought coordination between the sender and the receiver thus enhancing their telepathic technique. Moreover even if we assume that random guesses may succeed 20% of them time, there is no explanation of success rate of 50% or more.


Mental telepathy at this level goes beyond simple colors and shapes to more abstract concepts like ideas, actions, or values. It is rare and difficult for telepaths to achieve this level, and experiments have shown that they have a lower success rate.

Some animals appear to communicate, and science is not able to explain how. Telepathy shouldn't be ruled out. At this level, such animals would be using abstract concepts, albeit very basic concepts. Due to the nature of animal brains lacking prefrontal lobes, such ideas would probably not go beyond simplistic impulses like 'hungry', 'thirsty', 'horny', or 'danger!'

While humans may have once been capable of telepathy, as the species evolved and developed language, it was no longer needed as a form of communication. With the right stimulation humans may be able to call upon this dormant ability that includes abstract communication of ideas. Mental telepathy could be used to communicate, without the need for the use of the five senses.

Other scientists believe however that telepathy and other esp and psychic powers are in fact the 'future' for mankind. And if enough people can develop these powers, theoretically all humans in the future could become telepathic.

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