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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Speed Reading - Another Way To Read

Posted by patrick

By Jay Polmar

Many people do not believe they have the ability to read faster because if they had, they already would be reading faster. And, they've gotten so many years of proof (like taking their current age and subtracting 4 to 6 years) and that read in the same way --- yes for years!

Not only is it a well established behavior pattern, but you also firmly believe that that's normal for you. And they also consider that if they try to read faster, they'll lose comprehension.

Yes, too many people believe that by reading faster they'll lose their level of comprehension. And that's why some people think that "Speed Reading" is not a good phrase, because they assume that people are just speeding and not reading.

To help people become effective readers we do several things:

* Show you how to unlearn old slow habits that hold you back

* Teach you some better new techniques that will increase reading speed, data processing and quality of comprehension

* Shift from the slow reader to a reader who harvests knowledge

Years ago the Chinese moved from using an abacus to a calculator to perform calculations and now they are shifting to micro, mini-computers and they process many gigabytes of data and knowledge.

This isn't only about reading faster which will always happen when you train yourself to be a more efficient reader. Its about learning how to do things differently. And, in that way you are going to get a far more effective result, and get it faster than you ever thought possible.

You can take your reading speed and double or triple it or even more. The most dramatic impact of doing things differently will be the impact of the development of an automatic file system " and using success strategies to retrieve the right data for exams, presentation, or any person, before you even begin to do what others call "Speed Reading".

So effectively you learn to be reading smart right now " somewhat similar to how you read, right now but faster.

If you are not an effective reader already, reading takes away your free time. When you realize that 60-80% of what you read is irrelevant dribble, and you cut through it so fast, that you are breaking speed limits " and you read with better comprehension and recall.

And it is just about doing a few little things differently.

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