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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stress Relief Music: How Music Affects Your Body

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By Johnson Star

More and more people around the world are getting stressed out. Added to this is the current global economic crisis. The number of people engaged in, and looking for, various stress management practices has been steadily climbing. Most of the techniques in stress management require investment money in time. It is, and should be, regularly practiced for you to reap its actual benefits.

Unfortunately, most people do not have the time to practice their stress relieving techniques regularly. This makes doctors very much familiar when it comes to treating stress. We usually go visit our doctor and ask for medicine, drop by a nearby pharmacy, make a purchase, pop the pills into our mouth, and hope for the best. What we often fail to realize is that we are slowly getting addicted to the pills. There are also a lot of side effects that leads us to other problems. So while we are on our quest for attaining a stress-free life, we get problems that give us more headaches.

There are alternative medications you can take for your stress problems. They are natural and organic medicines, and since they come from herbs, have less side effects than conventional pills. These medications, however, can make you really sleepy; hence not advisable to take before going to work, or before going on a drive. There is another method to effectively relieve you of stress without making you drowsy and without time constraints. Listening to music has been an effective weapon against stress, yet it has been highly overlooked.

Music is able to change the levels of our brainwave activity. It has a long term effect on us, lasting even after listening to the relaxing music. The effects of music to the brainwaves help alter our nervous system's functions. Our breathing slows down in pace and our heart rate is also lowered. This gives us a state of relaxation that the effects of stress deprive us of.

Music is also used in therapy sessions with anxiety and depression. It helps convert the negative state of mind into a positive one. When the person achieves this, he becomes optimistic. It helps him look at the bigger picture of things and find the most effective solution for it.

No wonder why music therapy has become popular in this present generation as a good and natural relief for stress. With music you don't have to set a time for it in compared to other stress relief techniques, all you have to do is find a comfortable place a player, press play and then listen to music that relaxes you.

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