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Saturday, January 16, 2010

How To Stop Worrying And Remain Happy

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By John Knight

Everybody worry about something every single day. Worrying is like an addiction. Some people worry about money, some about relationship, some about work, some about job, some about health etc. May be you worry every single hour.

People worry a lot. They do not think of living without worrying. But they should think that it is not giving them any results. Sometimes they try to stop worrying but cannot do it. This is because they do not know how to do it. They do not know the methods for it.

When you worry you totally waste your time. It will not give you any solution. You will feel more worried. Due to this negative thoughts will start occupying your mind and hence these negative thoughts will convert to negative feelings. This is more dangerous and can take the form of depression or other deadly diseases like depression. You will start feeling anxious and miserable. We will discuss some of the things that will help you in getting relief from worrying.

When you start worrying, start repeating one thing that is worrying is just a total wastage of time and will not give any final solution. When you finally realize it the next steps will become very easy. While worrying you cannot plan your future. But instead of worrying if you start working on the problem and make step by step plans then you will definitely end up with good future. If you will not worry then you will make your plans easily and in less time.

There is a popular saying cut the past, shut the future, and live in present. Always do right things in present and do not think about the past. If you plan the present in right way then you do not have to worry about future. And keep one thing in mind that past is past. Do not think about it. It is gone time. The most important thing is do exercise and yoga daily. This will give your mind a good relaxation. Meditation is also a very good thing. Understand the benefits of stop worrying.

You need to just sit and think of solving the problem before worst things can happen to you. This will give you a lot of relief as you will see that nothing much worse will happen. You will see the problem that you are thinking of is not a big problem and you will be able to find the solutions easily.

Here is an example. Suppose you are worried about your money that you are not saving anything for your future. And due to this you will face problems in future. So in this case instead of worrying think how you can save. Make a diary every day about how much you spent. Now after one month or one week see which things wasted your money and the very next month do not send money one the things that you have seen. This will make a big difference.

People worry about one thing or the other but if you follow some things that are mentioned in this article, you will definitely get to know that the problem is seriously nothing.

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