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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tips In Writing Legal Resume

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By Anne Camberg

Do you feel the need to find the best job that suits your profession? Have you found out the place where your dream job is waiting? If you answer yes, then you should prepare a well written resume to present yourself to these future clients. Resumes are documents that can promote and enhance your candidacy.

A common resume follows a template that initially presents your primary information. It includes your name and contact details like your residence address, telephone or mobile number and personal email address. These are all vital for the employer especially when they need to contact you for a scheduled interview.

A career objective is the next essential part of your resume. Career objective states what you aspires and aims in working in your profession of choice. A typical career objective indicates the position you are applying for. It also states your reasons why you would want to work and be a part of that particular company or organization.

The career achievements are boosters to getting your dream job. They tell the employer what are the things you have studied to make you competent to do your job. It usually includes your academic background, seminars, lectures and trainings you have attended.

Another essential part of a legal resume is your professional experience. It would primarily include your present work experience to your previous experience. It would also be good if you would state your responsibilities during your work experience. The name of the company should be present in here as well as the duration of work stay. It would be better to present them in a bullet-typed format so it can catch attention quickly and can be easily read.

It is common for employers to make a background check on you. They would probably contact the references you provided and ask them some things about you. They would usually ask your previous employer to validate if your presence in the company can boost up their workforce by your previous employer giving you good character reference. Other employers use the character references to confirm if you have really worked as such for such company as some candidates place job experiences they have not really done in the past just to enhance their profile. If found out, this would be instant disqualification.

It is unnecessary, but others also include their expected salary range. Some professionals have already set their professional fee in making projects. This is common in freelancers. Salaries may vary depending from organization to organization. It can either be stated in a per project, annual or monthly basis.

It is important that you have a presentable legal resume whenever you apply for a job. You need to invest sufficient time to ensure that you had made a well written resume. This is your first and critical step before you take on the challenge of answering the questions being asked at interviews.

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