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Monday, January 4, 2010

Try This Easy Method To Lucid Dream

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By David Lancaster

In layman's terms, a lucid dream is a dream you have where you are actually aware of the fact that you're busy having a dream. The term 'lucid' simply refers to being aware or conscious, and of course the full extent of your lucidity depends largely on your actual dream experience, together with the amount of detail you are able to remember when you wake up, and of course, the level of control you had over the dream.

Without a doubt, the most remarkable aspect of lucid dreaming is that one is able to actually identify the fact that you're having a dream. Having the ability to control the direction of a dream is simply astounding to say the least, particularly because there are virtually no limits.

Just for a moment to try and imagine what it must feel like, bearing in mind that by all accounts it feels, looks, and sounds exactly like a real life situation. However, the difference is, it's only a dream. Unlike in the real world, one is not restricted by rules and regulations, and neither can one become injured and die in a lucid dream. The bottom line is; a lucid dream is yours. It is your personal virtual reality, and you can be rest assured that even the most sophisticated computers in the world can't provide you with anything similar.

It simply cannot be denied that lucid dreaming is a fantastic skill and it's hardly surprising that more and more people are becoming interested in learning how to master the art. Even though some people may not realize it, lucid dreaming is something which most people experience on occasions, but just for a minute try to imagine how it would feel if you could have a lucid dream whenever you chose.

A lucid dream can in many ways be compared to a gateway to the most fantastic experiences, where one is able to meet and mix with your favorite celebrities, or mingle with wild and exotic animals, or even travel to distant galaxies.That's right, you can explore all your fantasy world's or you can visit your lost loved ones.

Unlike in the past, experiencing lucid dreams on a regular basis is no longer as complicated as what it once was. Admittedly, people often had to spend months at a time receiving instruction and learning how to condition themselves before they could experience lucid dreaming. Even then, while some managed to achieve a certain degree of success, others simply failed miserably.

Are there any quick and easy ways to experience a lucid dream?

Interestingly enough, there are many people who believe certain foods such as orange juice, cheese, milk, and mustard, have the ability to help induce a lucid dream, providing they are consumed immediately before you lie down to sleep.

Over and above those foods which have just been mentioned, many people claim that foods such as popcorn, pickles, fish and ice cream can also help those wanting to experience a lucid dream. While these foods may not be as effective as those mentioned above, it is believed they do help with regards to dream recall. Of course, from a health point of view these foods may not be ideal, considering that most of them contain a lot of fat, sugar, and salt.

Can technology help people to experience lucid dreaming?

As time moves on, so too does technology so it comes as little surprise that technology can nowadays assist people with regards to lucidity. In fact, technology can now be used in order to both stimulate and induce lucid dreams. Various devices which come in the form of masks and eyeshades can now detect REM in a person and when they do, they then begin to blink a red beam of light. By integrating this beam of light with the dream, it is hoped that the beam of light will serve to remind the subject that they are dreaming, thus providing them with an opportunity to try and control the direction of the dream.

In addition to these new the innovative devices, recent developments in some technology have also done much in the line of opening the doors to the world of lucid dreams. Just recently scientists have gone ahead and developed a process known as binaural beats; a process which involves playing sound at different frequencies into each ear.

The aim of this process is to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and in so doing, induce REM. In fact, when one listens to these sounds, the REM state of sleep is almost instantaneous and of course, this is the type of sleep required in order to experience a lucid dream.

Of course, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another, but you can be rest assured that if you're interested in learning how to master the art of lucid dreaming, then this is by far the most reliable method available.

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