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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Learning the Mechanics of Speed Reading

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By Dr. Jay Polmar

The mind is a source of immeasurable power, and we only use a tiny portion of it. In the book, "Speed Reading in only One Hour" I show you how to tap some of that unused power and how to use it for your own improved grades in high school, college, and great successes life.

Your brain is capable of understanding from 10,000 - 50,000 units of data per minute; one unit equals one word. This information is based upon old statistics (1980's). Based on recently developed speed reading technology, and strides in brain and mind development, you can achieve even greater reading speeds.

In the US the average HS grad, when tested, reads about 250 words per minute. The average US college student reads at an average of about 300 words per minute. But, no matter what your starting reading speed when you are tested, don't worry, it is only the beginning. Can you imagine what an advantage you will have to be able to read over 100% faster than you had before? 200% 300% -- The possibilities are limitless.

We receive information through our five physical senses, (touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and seeing) and by those we make decisions. We make choices and judgments from the factors that our physical senses bring into play. The five physical senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch) are preprogrammed for automatic reaction.

We learn in many way, not only from physical senses, but through other forms of thought. Most thinking is conscious in nature. Senses, on the other hand, work automatically. An example of an automatic response might be: when a hungry teenager smells pizza, he or she begins salivating. Or was that Pavlov's dog? Actually, it's the same! What's taking place is that the sense of smell (called olfactory senses) has automatically brought up a thought, "PIZZA", to the brain and mind. The thought may be unconscious.

Sensing food is a physical sensation of your sense smell. It is a mental sensation (unconsciously or consciously) through thinking. And finally, there tends to be a physical sensation by eating, swallowing, and smiling. To summarize the PIZZA experience: Brain and mind is where the "action" is -- and your body is where the "reaction" is.

Your brain and the mind has awesome untapped potential; I'll teach you how to tap into that potential by using the course Speed Reading in One Hour, available at . I'll show you how you can be a total success in your college life and beyond.

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