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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Psychic Medium Reading and a Psychic Reading: Is there a Difference?

Posted by patrick

By Tana Hoy

Ever since, people have had the mindset that psychic medium readings and psychic readings, are one and the same. There has been debates and arguments if these two concepts differ. Truth is, a psychic medium reading and a psychic reading are two different things. Yes, they both can tell you the future, but then, the way they can give you a glimpse of what is to come, is different.

A psychic medium is a person with the unique ability to communicate with those who have passed over the veil unto the next life. These type of psychics can summon spirits of those who have passed on by proper energy channeling. A psychic medium has the special power to bridge the gap of communication of the spirits from the after life, and the loved ones on Earth, by acting as a medium for there messages. This is one very unique skill of a psychic medium -- the bridging of the realm of living mortals and the spirit world.

Every individual has a spirit guide. It is also a special gift of the psychic medium to be able to communicate with a person's spirit guide, and ask them for advice, guidance, and a message for a certain person. Sometimes the psychic medium can even communicate with the spirit guide to help bring some form of healing or closure to a person's spirituality.

People can seek a psychic medium to communicate with the spirits of loved one who has passed on. But also, people seek a psychic medium because a psychic medium can also give them a sneak peak of the future.

Now, this is where the confusion between a regular psychic reading and a psychic medium reading comes in. If both methods allow a person to have a glimpse of the future; what sets the two apart?

Looking into a regular psychic reading, it is a method in where the psychic can read your past, present, and future. Whereas a psychic medium reading does more than just read the past, present, and the future; it can even ask the spirits of your loved ones, or your guides and angels, for advice and insights.

In the most basic sense, let us draw the line between a psychic medium reading and a psychic reading. The key to knowing the difference is that you have to enumerate what each approach can and cannot do. Yes, both can give you guidance; but then -- psychic medium readings can give you more insights.

The much better option is for you to decide whats best for you. It is common knowledge that most of these psychics are clairsentient, claiaudient, and clairvonyant. These are their special abilities which allow them to do a psychic reading. But take note, not all psychics have the special gift of mediumship, that is why a psychic medium is considered to be very talented, because only a few are blessed with the power of mediumship.

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