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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Are An Undertaker's Responsibilities In A Funeral Service

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By Gadiv Alvarez

Undertakers, who are also called funeral directors, are people who are next in significance to the family of the departed and the clergymen when it comes to funeral services. These people are assigned the duty of arranging the entire funeral, taking care of all the related aspects also. Undertakers have to be ready to work any hour of the day and any day of the year without a lapse, as they have an emergency job.

A number of decisions need to be taken in the occasion of a person's death, which the grieving family may not be able to take because of the sudden catastrophe that befalls them. An undertaker is often required to take such decisions. His duties include deciding the specific time, place, and manner in which the funeral service will be organised. Moreover, the undertaker helps you in getting to grips with your loss, as he is by your side and organises the entire funeral, enabling you to reflect upon your profound love and respect for the departed person.

Preparation of a funeral service starts with deciding upon its time, place and date and then informing the same to family and friends. Once this is decided, the undertaker assists you in bringing the body to the funeral home or to the place where he or she is to be finally rested. In case of a burial service, the appropriate coffin in which the body is to be laid is mostly selected by the undertaker.

The whole organisation of the funeral service, from picking the flowers to selecting the headstone, including making preparations for clergy, music, food, transport and hymns, is taken care of by the undertaker. The desire of the family is always taken into account in all these things so that the deceased receives a funeral service in a manner he or she would have desired.

Lastly, some undertakers handle the shipment and proper preservation of the body, and can arrange the funeral service in a foreign country if so desired by the family of the deceased.

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