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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Grieving Family Can Derive Immense Support From A Good Funeral Director

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By Kate Esteban

Funeral directors offer an excellent source of support and compassion to a family that is reeling under the sorrow of the recent death of a near and dear one. They take charge of the entire process of making arrangements for the funeral service and look after every small detail allowing the family to deal with their loss without facing the hassles of the proceedings.

The duties of a funeral director are manifold, including moving the deceased to the burial place from where the body was kept, be it the house or a morgue. Formalities and all the paperwork involved like acquiring a death certificate, permissions for holding the funeral, organ donation procedures if any, and much more will need to be overseen by the funeral director.

An efficient funeral director also acts as the point of contact for all services critical for the funeral like handling vendors of flowers, music, food etc. He will be responsible for organising publication of obituaries in newspapers and intimating the funeral service venue and programme to anticipated attendees, who could be the relatives or friends of the deceased.

The funeral director, in consultation with the family, fixes the date and venue for the funeral, and makes preparations for the memorial service and the last rites. He makes arrangements for close family and friends to come together to express their sorrow and have a last glimpse of the deceased before the final rites. The funeral director's task ends with the final sealing of the departed person's grave on the day of funeral.

In order to manage these functions towards successful conducting of the funeral service, the funeral director must have essential traits of compassion and a service driven attitude. You should thus make sure that the funeral director you wish to employ has proper licenses and sufficient experience. He must have a proven track record for credible and efficient work so that he can perform all the important functions without you having to be bothered about it.

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