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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tips For Planning A Personal Funeral Service

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By Ramon Silva

Death is a certainty and yet we prepare so little for it. Remembering the dead is a very old practice that has been constantly changing to fit into the modern times. Traditionally, a funeral service was conducted in church and the departed was bid farewell with hymns as well as a eulogy. But, this trend is changing these days, with more and more people wanting to go for a more personal funeral service for their loved one.

Preparing for a funeral could be an extremely painful and hard task, especially right after the death of a relative or someone close. The fundamental misconceptions regarding funeral services include that this is a legal necessity, which it definitely isn't. Secondly, a lot of people have an erroneous belief that a service can be conducted only in a church. Conventionally these services might have been held in churches but with the trends changing and a drive to make these affairs more personal, many funeral services are being held within the residence of the deceased these days. Thirdly, such services do not mandate the involvement of any clergy or pastor or even a casket for that matter.

However, keeping in line with the idea of a personal funeral service, a lot of thought should be given to the wishes of the deceased person. The music that will be played at the service should be soft as well as from the favourites of the deceased. You can either engage a live music band or decide to go with music records.

Some families prefer putting up the personal items of the dead person in a collage, for the gathering to reflect on his or her life. Another crucial aspect in any funeral service is an address, whether as a poem, a song or even a speech talking about the deceased.

Lastly, it is recommended to present the people assembled for the service with some souvenirs that help them keep the memories of the deceased alive for years.

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