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Friday, January 8, 2010

Skills And Personal Qualities Required For Undertakers

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By Madeleine Wong

Undertakers, also called Funeral Directors, are professionals who organize activities and services associated with funerals. Some of the critical qualities and traits that are needed by those in this profession are listed below.

As he may be required at any hour of the day, an undertaker must be open to working at odd hours too. He should be prepared to work away from his workplace as the task requires him to be available at the place where he is required.

To become an undertaker, a person should be able to communicate well and be open to the viewpoints of others. He should be able to manage and communicate with people of all ages and people having different social and ethnic backgrounds. An understanding and caring attitude will be of excellent help in this job. But he will need to provide support to the grieving family and should remain strong and emotionally detached to be able to do so.

Undertakers must be serious and dignified by nature, but should not look sad or morose, as this may heighten the grief of the family and friends of the deceased person.

By nature, undertakers should not be narrow minded. They should be willing to honour the traditions and beliefs of all communities and should be knowledgeable in this area. They must be conscious of various customs and rituals followed by various sects during the funeral service.

An undertaker should have good organisational and management skills. Making preparations for essential services like flowers, ceremonies etc will involve coordination with a lot of providers and will need leadership and guidance skills.

Legalities and other official formalities to be followed in case of a death should be known to the undertaker who will have to receive required approvals etc for the funeral proceedings and other related things. He should also be conscious of the official procedures to be adhered to for obtaining death certificates, insurance claims etc.

Lastly, an undertaker should know how to drive and must possess an appropriate driving license, as he may be required to drive hearses and limousines.

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