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Monday, January 4, 2010

Taking an Abundance Course to Increase Your Own Abundance

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By Ami Livermore

Every human on the planet has the ability to manifest abundance in their own lives. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll attract enormous amounts of money, unless this is what you want. You might prefer to manifest an abundance of happiness, or even surround yourself with loving friends and family.

Each of us is different in terms of what we want and need, and the ability to manifest what we want is something we can all learn. An abundance course can show you just how to access your unconscious, in that until now, it has remained dormant.

Can you learn about manifesting abundance? When you're born, you don't have the ability to speak. You learn the words and associate them with things so you're able to communicate. You learned to walk and develop logical thinking centers in your brain.

However, the vast majority of people aren't taught how to manifest abundance into their lives while they're still young. This means the ability is locked inside that portion of your brain you don't use. After all, it's believed that most of us only use 10% of our total brain capacity.

An abundance course involves lessons designed to help you access those locked centers within your own mind and show you how to tap into your full potential. It's all about learning to unlock those neural pathways that were never developed when you were young.

When you manifest abundance as an adult, it's about like learning a new language. It's easier when you're younger, and you may find it a little confusing so that the lessons might need to be concentrated and focused on intensely. Still, once you get the basics, the rest is easier.

What's in a good abundance course? It should do more than just show you how to get things you want or need. It should also tell you why these things can work for you and where the abundance actually comes from.

Part of learning how to attract abundance is to understand just why you deserve it. You may have a deep-seated belief that you don't deserve to attract good into your life, and if that's true, you may have difficulty manifesting exactly what you want.

We all have the ability to manifest into our lives those things we want most, but so many of us sabotage our own efforts simply because our thought-processes have been trained to believe the opposite.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I can't afford that" if you're looking at something you want to buy? In fact, the very thought that you can't afford it may be blocking your ability to manifest exactly what you want. If you could unblock that desire, you could literally have the abundance you need to afford whatever you want.

As Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or not, you're right."

He understood abundance at its essence, and didn't need to take an abundance course to learn to get anything he wanted for himself. He knew that his own thoughts had power and that vanquishing negative thoughts could give him the abundance he wanted.

Enrolling in an abundance course may give you many benefits, but perhaps the biggest one is that you'll be able to manifest anything you want or need.

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