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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What You Need To Know Before Your Cabin Crew Interview

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By Nick Dylann Andrews

A cabin crew interview is an interesting process that is a little unique. You can walk into an open call session that will interview numerous candidates during the day. You can also schedule an interview if you are invited to do so. Either way, the interview process is really nerve wracking for some people. You can expect different types of interviews depending on the airline.

Showing up to your cabin crew interview worried or nervous can work against you. You are applying for a job that will require you to be cool under stress. We've all seen the pandemonium that happens during the boarding and disembarking. This is a stressful time, especially for the passengers and new members of the cabin crew.

Some of these sessions are highly open to visual and oral presentations that show off your personable skills. It's normal to be nervous but you still need to show up ready to go. If you're hired you are going to be speaking to strangers, including irate individuals so being too meek, mild, or mellow is not going to sell well. Confidence combined with friendliness creates a stronger presentation.

The panel may very well ask you questions that are intended to frustrate you. For instance, they may ask you very similar questions repeatedly and then ask for additional details. The point is to make you repeat the answer without getting frustrated and hopefully, you will even find different ways to say the same thing.

Learn about the airline you are applying for. Most candidates have to listen to a basic overview or briefing about the airline and are then given a test of sorts that will reflect your knowledge of the airline. Pay close attention and do your best to focus your mind in order to pick up on small details that are offered in the briefing.

You want to look, sound, and portray the part while still retaining your own personality and being your own person. That means that you have many strengths that would make you a great candidate. You need to tell the panel about those strengths, especially those that fall under the customer service realm.

Remember that you are there to present and sell them on you. The more that you can sell yourself the better the likelihood is that you will land the position. Describe your strengths and let the panel know that if they pass on you they are passing on one of the best candidates. No matter what your resume says, remember that they are looking for someone who can handle stress. If you're sweating the interview, how are you going to handle stress related to joining the cabin crew?

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