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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get What You Want Using Affirmations

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By Peter F. Duncan

Do you know how to use affirmations? As with just about any subject, there are a lot of nay sayers when it comes to affirmations. Many will state that affirmations do not work. Well many people will tell you that investing in the stock market did not produce positive results for them as well. Yet there are people that have made a killing in the stock market.

What is my point?

Nay sayers just do not know how to make affirmations work for them. Pick any subject and you can surely create and affirmation on it. But the magic to getting them work is how they can change the way you feel. After I am done with an affirmation I am buzzing. I think most people have some inner self talk that just cancels out the good. You probably know what I am talking about. You say a nice affirmation and your inner talk says "that is just not true".

Does you ego argue with you: "rich're broke", "you don't look lean to me", "looks to me like you are alone." This is when you need to take control. You need to take control of your mind and get it to focus on WHAT YOU WANT. You need to say your affirmations and feel the feelings of what you are affirming. So if you say "I am rich" over and over again, you need to feel like your are rich. The affirmation is your re-programming your subconscious mind (and drowning out your ego) so you do get what you affirm.

Your words have no power. It is the feeling that the words provide that have the power. So choose the words that inspire and excite you - as if it is already real.

I often use just one word affirmations like "love", "energy" or "riches". As long as the word invokes a positive feeling change then I affirm it. Often when I am feeling I need an energy boost, I will affirm "energy" and in a short time I have the energy I desired.

To make affirmations really work for you - you need to practice each day. Set aside some time and really do them. Make sure you invoke a feeling change for the better. You can even write out affirmations or even type them out. The key is a feeling change. Without it, you are likely wasting your time.

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