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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Five Step Staff Motivation Technique to Make Your Staff More Efficient

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By Andrew Wood

How Easy Would It Be to Manage & Motivate Your Staff if You Knew in Advance How to Approach Every Question Ever Asked Of You!

It's amazing how many managers actually field questions from staff on a case by case basis without ever considering that the very way you answer the question either contributes to that person's ability to grow and learn, or diminishes it! I have used the following motivation tactics at my golf management company for years with great success! I also use this with my staff members who work on my marketing information book.

Recognize, Reward, Retrain, Reassign or Replace.

Are the conceptual cornerstones of these five "R's" an easy and beneficial system? Is it a system you share with your staff and can rely on to give you the guidance you need to approach every question you are asked in a way that educates and motivates? I'll explain each "R" in detail, but first this is why it is so important!

When you answer questions directly, you rob people of a chance to learn and you might even be stealing money from the company who hired you!

It is easy to just answer a question but when you do, the person who asks it stops thinking for his or herself. When you do this, you're not functioning as a manager. In addition, it is likely the business who hired you is paying you more than the people they hired you to manage, so they expect your presence to positively affect not only the people, but also the decisions these people make.

You're being paid to contribute to the process. So when you just answer the question on a case-by-case basis, you're denying your employer the benefit of your experience. Now let me tell you how to allow your staff to grow, but also give your employer the best of you.

Read the below bullet points for a simple understanding of this powerful system:

The Five "R's"...

The first 2 "R's" affect motivation, the last 3 "R's" management.

Recognize: As people often do, they will come to you to tell you something good they did. It is easy to overlook that they may be looking for positive reinforcement or feedback. Whenever you're presented with the opportunity, "recognize" the effort. When what they did was not positive, recognize that as well. When you listen carefully to what people say and respond in a way that recognizes what they are trying to communicate, even if you need to correct it, "Recognizing" then means you're interested and that is always positive.

Reward: Reward actually goes with the "recognition" they receive above, but only when their actions were positive. Rewards can be very big or very small.

Retrain: Approach a person's lack of ability to do what was asked of them as a training issue. Do not personalize; just present solutions to solve the situation. Even if you suspect that a person has the ability to do the job but attitude is the problem that too is a training issue. Some people need extra personal training improvement just as much as learning the technical aspects of the job.

Reassign: When it becomes clear an individual cannot get the job done, but they are a good asset to the club, then simply look for an opportunity to reassign them to a job or project that will provide them a better chance to perform to expectations.

Replace: In most cases, you're doing a person a favor when you let them go. People need to strive to find a place where they can be at their best and full potential. It is natural for all humans to be content when they know they are doing what they are meant to do and are doing their very best. Sometimes you are going to find that retraining a person isnt going to work and you wouldnt or cant reassign them. After applying the previous four "R's" to this relationship, the last step, if expectations are not met, is to unfortunately replace the individual. The good news is that if you have been applying the previews four "R's" it should be good-natured.

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