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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Learning About Anger Disorder

Posted by patrick

By Cindy Drake

We all get angry every now and then and usually express it in some sort of way so that the headaches and stress level that eventually will make you sick are alleviated. The so-called "getting it off your chest". Well, there are thousands of people that can't do that effectively and suffer from what is called anger disorder.

You could be suffering from some sort of anger disorder if you get angry on a regular basis by yelling and screaming at your family and friends, or shouting matches with your co-workers. Name calling, ridiculing, blaming and more aggressive types of actions like huffing, bullying, door slamming, and finger pointing are all part of the picture.

On the other side of the room, we have another type of anger disorder, and that is the total suppression of anger----so much so that the anger is internalized to the point of exploding inside you where you and your health become the victims of this disorder, because you cannot express it outwardly. You suffer from depression, you are tired all the time from holding all that in, and eventually your immune system becomes affected and you will begin to suffer from illnesses that could have been prevented if you could have released that anger in a productive way.

Another type of anger disorder is that where the person with the disorder is addicted to anger and rage and enjoys the good feeling they get whenever they express that rage so much, that that expression becomes an addiction----a compulsive-addictive pattern. This will happen over and over again, and quite often this disorder is the result of unresolved grief.

Passive-aggressive behavior is a term we hear a lot when referring to an anger disorder or a psychological diagnosis; but it is a very real disorder and sometimes referred to as "sideways anger" because folks just can't help doing it and the behavior operates on an unconscious level. Things like kidding someone unmercifully, or teasing and teasing until the person who is the brunt of this action ends up with hurt feelings. You are using humor as a weapon and you are attacking a victim with it. Other manifestations of this anger disorder are sarcasm and cynicism----making a statement about your victim but doing so in the form of a seemingly innocent question like "Are you sure you want wear that dress?"----a loaded question.

Another type of anger disorder that manifests itself all too often in today's society is that of intermittent explosive disorder; an actual diagnosed disorder where the sufferer becomes so out of control with his anger that he goes off the deep end, or over the top. The anger and rage are so out of control that they do not match the situation, and quite often can lead to dire consequences.

The folks suffering from any one of the many anger disorders that are out there need to get some help to alleviate the stress they are feeling, and to prevent something of dire consequence from happening as a result of this disorder. We all have stresses and have our buttons pushed now and again, but most of us can cope and resolve the problem without too much trouble: not so for those other sufferers of a disorder of some type and their lives sometimes are shortened by the stresses they feel and the inappropriate ways they react to those stresses.

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