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Friday, September 25, 2009

Healthy Dog Food

Posted by patrick

By Frank Williams

The requirement of healthy, organic food seems to apply just as much to pets as to humans, because a lot of animal owners would rather buy organic foods to feed man's best friend. One could be forgiven for being taken aback by the large variety of organic dog food on offer in the market. Just as for humans, there are a lot of pet illnesses that one could cure or even prevent completely by the use of organic pet food.

For instance, organic dog food could reduce the chance of the dog developing skin diseases and allergies. The explanation for the positive health impact is the absence of additives, chemicals, colourants and pesticides. Instead there are just grain extracts and high quality proteins for ingredients in organic dog food. Organic dog food also contains more nutrients, which is reflected in the higher levels of energy and the normal weight of the dog.

Regular dog food can cause diabetes and excess weight with all the other problems that accompany these illnesses: back ailment, organ failure and decreased mobility. How can organic dog food help here, then? Well, because organic pet food does not contain bulk filler; they are nutrient-packed products that create energy not fat. Moreover, it is far better and definitely a lot easier to prevent health problems than try to treat them later.

Good digestion and a stronger immunity system are the other main benefits that come with the feeding of organic dog food. Because of the lack of chemicals normally present in regular pet food, your dog will no longer vomit or experience wind or diarrhea. A healthier metabolism is what you will achieve with a healthy diet. Furthermore, the quality of the nutritional substances in organic dog food, boosts the immunity functions, thereby reducing the risks of infection and all sorts of specific diseases that affect dogs on a routine basis.

In general, veterinarian experts claim that organic dog food significantly increases the life of any animal, not to mention the fact that it will go through old age a lot better. It is quite common that pet owners who choose organic dog food, are also interested in eating organic foods themselves, sticking to clean natural products that boost bodily functions and avoid toxins and disease.

Ask your local dog food supplier about organic dog food and if there isn't any at your local shop, try to order it online. There are plenty of web pages that offer such products at fairly good prices.

One last bit, be very, very wary of dried dog food like biscuits, no matter what the label says. I used to have a dog called Becky that stayed at home alone during the day, while I went to the office. I didn't like to leave 'wet' food, because of flies, bacteria and vermin, so I bought dry food, which would not deteriorate during the day. However, within six years she had contracted diabetes, which meant that I had to inject her with insulin every morning. The veterinary said that it was very common for dogs fed only on dry biscuits to contract diabetes, so check with your vet first of all or feed organic wet food.

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