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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Muscle Building Tips, Chest Bodybuilding Workout Routines

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By Ricardo d Argence

When building muscles for your chest you need to be aware of the common pitfalls and misconceptions out there. To achieve the famed chiseled look in the pectorals, or in any part of the body, it takes disciplined work. Some body builders think the most efficient way to achieve this goal is through bench presses. One exercise alone can not obtain real definition in the pectoral muscles.

To build a well-defined chest here are a few simple weight exercises you can do.

High and Low Cable crossover are perfect to begin. High Cable crossover will work the difficult to reach inner Pecs. Low Cable crossovers, is another inner pec exercise, the key is the correct amount of tension.

Bench press-Close grip, this will work the inner Pecs quite well, however the movement will also work triceps and upper chest. Bench press-Wide grip, your wide spaced handling will work the lower pectoral.

Dumbbell Flyers works the inner pectoral muscles but you really have to squeeze them together. Alternate this on incline, decline, and flat bench. Dips, depending on elbow position, you can work either the inner or the outer Pecs.

These are a few good chest muscle exercises, varying your workout will decrease the likely hood of you reaching a plateau. Now it is important that you also realize that nutrition and rest are equally important.

Good nutrition is equally necessary to building muscle as weight lifting. When you lift weights, you are actually tearing muscle tissue. Complex carbohydrates and proteins are required by your body to make it larger and repair muscle. It is also a good idea to increase your vitamin and mineral intake.

Water is also important for any workout routine. The human body needs water to provide nutrients to the cells, process waste, and keep the internal body temperature regulated. Along with all of these, water acts as a cushion for the joints and offers protection for the important internal organs. It is important to increase your daily fluid intake, as intensive workouts can easily deplete vital fluid levels.

Equally important to a good bodybuilding is getting the correct amount of rest. Some product marketers have pushed the idea that sleep is detrimental to muscle building, claiming that a catabolic happening can occur while sleeping. This is where the muscle wastes away, however, this is a false claim by marketers wanting to sell their product. Not only is this an outright lie, it can lead to serious repercussions both mentally and physically.

Sleep is your body's way of regenerating and healing itself, without sleep your muscles will not heal properly and all your work will have been for nothing. Not to mention the fact that you will be fatigued and enable to complete future training sessions.

Bring all of the above elements together and you will quickly build muscle and have the solid chest you have always wanted. Eat right, diversify your routine, and get plenty of sleep to make the most of your body building sessions.

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