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Friday, September 25, 2009

Healthy Ways To Lose 30 Pounds Naturally - News

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By Scott Edwards

Trying To Lose Weight Can Be Frightening! And huge business empires have grown out of this. The turnover of the weight loss industry is colossal - it amounts to billions of dollars - and so there are plenty of opportunities to profit from our ambitions to be slim.

Just How Much of a Problem Is There Then? Whether you personally are obese or not, the chances are you'd be happy to lose some weight. It's now believed that in the USA alone, around seventy percent of people are too heavy. Which amounts to some two hundred and ten million folks... But overseas it's not much better - a startling sixty percent! It's a sorry state of affairs.

Surveys in the UK show that getting on for one fourth of all adults suffer from obesity. But what's worse - In just 40 years it could reach 90 per cent of adults.

And yet why should it be that way? No-one wants this trend to continue. Sensible dietary advice is the key - not expensive products that line the pockets of big business.

It's a well known fact that obesity can lead to many major problems - Type two diabetes; mental health problems; high blood pressure; heart disease & heart failure; cancer; liver disease; osteoarthritis and high cholesterol. This illustrates that we don't just need to lose weight so that we can look more attractive.

Losing the pounds doesn't have to mean getting STICK THIN! You just need to aim for the right weight for you. Although that's going to be different for each of us, we should look to maintain a comfortable weight for our height.

When we have a family, we need to consider how they can learn to eat well. It's our responsibility as the adults in the house to help our children adopt sensible habits where diet is concerned. The odds are on that our children will grow to be obese if we don't change things now. Who wants to be that kind of benefactor?

This means we MUST get to grips with healthy eating. Understanding good and bad nutrition is paramount. We have no chance of teaching our offspring how to eat well for good health if we don't know how to do it ourselves. Look at this over the long haul. Generations down the line will be impacted on the actions that you take right now.

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