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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Four Simple Ways to Ensure Your Child's Education

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By Byron Jonas

All parents want what's best for their children - the best values, the best experiences, the best belongings. What is at the top of that list of "best" wishes is education.

As parents, we know that a great education is key to our children's future.

As parents, we are highly aware that a solid education is of the utmost importance in rendering our children happy and successful adults. What kids learn in school is vital regardless of age or level.

While a solid base of knowledge is important, it is not always a sure thing. It is our job as parents to be active in our children's education and to make sure that they are getting the tools they need for happy and successful lives. Find out how now:

1. Ask for References The decision of where to send your children is a vital one, one that should be informed. The best way to make a good decision regarding where to send your children to school, all the way from preschool to college, is to seek out references. You'll want to guarantee that the place you'll be sending your children is highly-regarded and safe. Ask friends and acquaintances what they know about institutions in your area, ranging from direct experiences to rumors. While you're at it, request a list of references from schools themselves - they should be more than willing to help you.

2. Encourage Involvement School is not just about what goes on in the classroom. In fact, many of the most important experiences children get in school comes from extracurricular activities. Encourage your child to get involved in at least one activity - a sport, a club, a student government entity, whatever interests them. There's no need to be too forceful, but let them know how important such activities are. Not only are they great ways to make social connections and learn new things, but they also look great on resumes.

3. Know What's Going On Simply knowing what your child's doing in school is extremely important to ensuring the smooth running of his or her education. There's no need to be too overbearing - just talking about school is probably enough. At the end of the day, ask your children how school is going. Find out what classes they're taking and offer to help them out wherever you can. Know who their teachers are and talk to them if you feel that your son or daughter may be struggling.

4. Learn About Your Child You may be surprised to find out how complex of a creature your child really is. Talk to him or her about future plans and dreams, about interests and hobbies and likes and dislikes. Ask your child about what he or she sees in the future. There probably won't be many definitive answers, but he or she is sure to have something in mind. What's important is getting a general conversation going about the future.

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