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Monday, January 31, 2011

Traffic Violation Defense Strategies To Help You In Traffic Court

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By Dwight Howard

Most drivers at one time or another in their driving lives will get a traffic violation forany number of reasons. Many drivers will take these tickets and pay it. Some like not having your license on you or having an expired license plate can't really be fought with any kind of defense or strategy. But then there are traffic violation defense strategies that can be used for certain traffic infractions.

One of the more traditional strategies is that you as the driver were not aware of the violation that you were ticketed for. Storms will sometimes knock down stop signs, yield signs, and speeding limit signs. Sometimes people will vandalize and spray paint over a speed limit or even take the sign. A defense strategy in this case is that you were unaware of what rule that you broke because the city did not have the signs properly posted. If this were to happen to you, get video or photo evidence as soon as possible to defend yourself against the violation.

One other defense strategy is to research the ticket in the area where you received it. Normally there are a few key points that have to be demonstrated and some guidelines for the officer. Look at each one of these and determine if all of the procedures were followed the right way and if each will be able to be proved in court. If you find a mistake with just a single one of these, that can be the defense strategy.

Another strategy is to put in question the authenticity of the devices that were used to determine your speed if it's a speeding infraction. These radar devices have to have proper documentation and be calibrated at certain time frames. If the documentation is not legally up to date, you can get out of the violation as the device's readings are considered unreliable at that point.

Don't be intimidated to come up with your best defense strategy because the reality of it is that a lot of times tickets that are contested in court can get their ticket thrown out or hopefully at least get a diminished fine.

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