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Monday, January 31, 2011

Find A Comptia A+ Exam Study Guide For Yourself

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By Scott Manseo

If you want to be more confident when you take your A+ exams, use a Comptia A+ study guide. This guide uses relevant questions and examples in the same format you will find on the real test. This practice test or guide helps guide you through learning more about the test format and what topics you need to focus more on. Every exam is different, but the study guide covers a vast array of material. The questions on the test may be different than those in the guide.

Study Guide Types

Comptia A+ study guides are available in different formats to suit the needs of everyone. Guides can be purchased offline and online. Ebooks, actual books, online tests and quick study guides are all available. For even more help with your study guide, classes are available which cover material in more depth than just the study guide alone.

Though some of the cheaper guides only give you practice tests, other types of study guides provide detailed explanations for every question and example. If you just need to review the more important information, note cards or sheets give a quick rundown of test material.

What Does the Guide Cover

Comptia A+ study guides cover a wide range of material. One of the biggest sections deals with computer hardware. Some of the main topics covered in the hardware section of the A+ guide are hardware architecture, preventative maintenance, how to disassemble a desktop and laptop, how to configure devices and ports and installing drives.

If you want to pass the A+ certification exam, you must study the details on computer upgrades. Diagnosing computer problems is also important. In addition to diagnostics, you'll learn how to troubleshoot issues. All the details related to motherboards, memory modules and processors are also topics covered. The hardware inside your computer isn't all that's important. A great study guide also details information about networking equipment and printers.

Computer maintenance isn't limited to hardware. The Comptia A+ study guide also walks you through using the operating system to maintain a system. You'll study disk partitioning, how to use and install Windows operating systems, commonly used command prompts, utilities available in the operating system and different ways to install drivers. Error code messages and diagnostic tools are also covered extensively. Details about creating and maintaining a network, including the network's capabilities and limitations are also covered, along with common Internet protocols.

The OSI model is an important study guide topic and is included in the general section. Other general topics covered in the Comptia A+ study guide are the binary, hex and decimal number systems.

Using a study guide for the A+ certification exams will greatly increase your chances of passing.

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