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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Capture The Heart Of Paris Your Camera

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By Jeremy Erxleben

Paris is a photographer's paradise. Choices a lifetime in this timeless city and never take enough pictures. For centuries it is often the favorite of painters and writers and since the advent of the camera it has also become just about the most photographed cities in the world. Paris pictures are always admired whenever they are displayed around the globe.

To understand the real reason for its popularity is not very difficult. Paris has something that will fascinate everyone, regardless of his interests. From the impressive Eiffel Tower to the priceless gems of the Louvre, from the stunning architecture of the Notre Dame to the serenity of the river Seine and from the glamor offered by the Champs Elysees to the endless pleasures of Euro Disney, the city is a dream to experience and photograph.

The Eiffel Tower is simply one example of how the French can take something that would have been considered awful in any other setting, and change it into one of several world's favorite tourist attractions. When the Eiffel Tower was first built, it was frowned upon. Today it's a landmark of Paris.

It's only the French that can get away with building a metal monstrosity and turn it into just about the most beloved and most photographed attractions on the planet! In any other city it would have been frowned up. The world population has, however, come to expect and accept the French to be different.

Even if you spend the remainder of your life in Paris, you would probably be unable to take picture of every architectural masterpiece in the city. There is simply such hundreds of architectural styles. In case you are a lover of architecture, the top option is to just wander the streets aimlessly, taking pics of the countless beautiful doorways, lovely little balconies and interesting roofs.

Paris photos are not only found about tourist attractions and beautiful old buildings though: It's the people of Paris that really makes this city unique. Never leave Paris without at least a few photos of many students dreaming, arguing and planning their lives at the sidewalk cafes, housewives negotiating at the markets or artists busy with their next masterpieces in the Latin Quarter. If time is limited, just spend several hours siting at a sidewalk cafe and take pictures of life in all its forms as it passes by in this beguiling city.

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