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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aluminum electric wirework risks

Posted by patrick

By Wayne Vargas

One of the things that you can do to ensure the safety of your property is to know the aluminum wiring hazards that you may experience out of using this type of wiring inside your home. Aluminum wiring has been used even before the 70's but it was eventually proven to be a fire and safety hazard. For quite some time, aluminum wiring was used in homes because it was cheaper and is almost as conductive as copper wire.

Wonder how the use of aluminum becomes an aluminum wiring hazards? Basically, aluminum is a lot lighter and malleable. As the current passes thru the wire, it contracts and enlarges out of the heat generated from constant use. When the load from the circuit is increased, the temperature of the wire also increases thus it becomes an aluminum wiring hazards.

The prolonged passing of electricity on the aluminum wire results to the softening of the wire and it eventually looses the electrical connection points. A loose connection further increases circuit load because it produces more heat thereby making it an aluminum wiring hazards that when overlooked could potentially start a fire.

To ensure that your home is secure from aluminum wiring hazards, check if you have any aluminum wiring installed inside your home. If you do not know how to identify aluminum wiring but want to make sure that your home is safe from aluminum wiring hazards, contact a qualified electrician who will check the safety of your wirings.

Although you can do the checking on your own to ensure that your home is free from aluminum wiring hazards, you can employ the services of a licensed electrician especially if you do not how to identify aluminum wires and the signs of aluminum wiring hazards on your home connections.

However, if you want to do the checking on your own, you can actually do it by looking at specific areas and by tuning off the circuit breakers located inside the circuit breaker panel, before anything else. You should also check the connection points that include the breaker and the ground and neutral connections to prevent aluminum wiring hazards.

Although you have aluminum wiring in your property doesn't mean that you are bound to experience any of the aluminum wiring hazards and your wiring system is already inefficient. You just need extra precaution and regular wiring checkup which should be conducted by a licensed electrical repairman.

If you have any aluminum wiring installed inside your home, it doesn't necessary mean that you are putting your family and your home in peril due to the aluminum wiring hazards or your wiring system is unreliable. To get rid of your worries, have your wiring connections checked periodically by qualified technicians and use quality products when a repair is needed. Having aluminum wiring inside your home doesn't have to cause you much worry. Just follow the advices given on this article for you to evade the different aluminum wiring hazards and you will make it just fine.

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