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Friday, January 28, 2011

Increase your confidence with a beautiful, healthy smile

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By Christopher Blake

There are several characteristics that make a person's smile more attractive. We will be looking at some of these characteristics today.

The proportion of you face impacts your smile

Our perception of beauty is influenced by proportion. If your face is proportionate in all areas including the eyes, mouth and nose, then you are perceived to be more beautiful as this characteristic enhances your beauty, which adds to your confidence.

The proportion of your teeth impact your smile

Your teeth must also be in proportion. When you smile, your teeth should sit together naturally to produce a perfect smile. Most dentists can align your teeth using dental aligners (or braces) in order to create the illusion of perfect symmetry across your face.

Horizontal symmetry is also quite important as this ensures that your smile is central with your eyes. You can liaise with your dentist on how to make this possible.

For a symmetrical smile, its important that your upper teeth and gums line up with the curve of your lower lip. This also create the illusion of perfect symmetry, enhancing your smile and overall natural beauty.

Smile width in relation to your teeth

The size of your smile is also important. Some of us have a wide smile, but we don't show our teeth, this is completely natural and nothing to do with the state of our teeth. However, in some cases you find yourself hiding your teeth when you smile because you can't bear to let them be seen in the public eye.

Teeth whitening for a healthier, brighter smile

We all long for bright white teeth and there are several tooth whitening kits that you can purchase direct from your dentist. However, your teeth colour are determined by various characteristics such as lip colour, skin tone and existing teeth colour and discolouration, if any.

Your lips frame your smile

So I'm sure we have touched on this earlier, but again its very important to remember that you have to make your lips sparkle, in order to enhance the beauty of your teeth as they do frame your teeth.

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