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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Qualified Artist Uses Sterilised Tattoo Equipment

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By Kevin Frederick Staples

When getting skin art, always check that the tattoo equipment is carefully sterilised. We are living in a time where tattooing could cause the death of someone if the correct procedures are not followed. Therefore, making sure that all the correct tools are used is essential.

Like any kind of artist, tattooists have their own individual styles that they are better at and others where they are not so good. When you have skin art, it is necessary to direct the artist as to how you want the final outcome to look. There are artists who are better at fine line designs whereas others are better at rhythms and designs. Each artist has their own specialist area and it's important to choose an artist that specialises in the work you want doing.

If an artist does not sterilise their needles then you need to stay well away. You could get aids or other diseases if an artist does not sterilise their needles after every client. Qualified tattooist's might cost more but, they know how to do things properly. Therefore, take your time when finding a skin artist.

A scratcher is a person that has very little experience. They typically have no qualifications and work from their own homes. They buy tools from the internet, but are not qualified to use them. They also do not sterilise equipment like they should do.

Before choosing an artist, make the decision if you want to make do with sloppy work or you only want the best. If you want to settle with nothing, but the best then be prepared to pay top prices. However, remember that you are paying for art work that will be permanent. There is a lot of talent out there and you don't need to settle with second best.

When choosing an artist make sure that the shop is clean and that they are talented. This might mean paying more or travelling a little further than you wanted. However, once the design is completed then you will have pleasure of showing it off and admiring it. You need to have the mind set that the time and money is worth it. Getting skin art is an investment that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

The best way of knowing if an artist is genuine or not is by viewing previous examples of their work. Every professional artist should have a portfolio that is signed or watermarked. The portfolio needs to have lot's of photographs of the work they have carried out. It is also possible to visit the salon and observe the artist carrying out work. Make sure you are completely happy before getting the work done. Any professional artist will want you to be happy first and not to rush you into something you may end up regretting.

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