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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simple Tips to Decorate Asian

Posted by patrick

By Cathy Thomas

To make your Asian decorating scheme feel luxurious, you must pick the best possible decorations. In keeping with the Asian influence, you should plan to buy colorful and exotic items, knick knacks, pillows, and artwork.

I usually shop online for all my decorations, and my absolute best find ever was created from anasian quilt pattern I discovered at an online quilt pattern shop.

Once you have completed buying all of your Asian artwork and decorations, think about the correct way to hang it on your walls.

All items should be hung at eye level where the bottom and top of the wall hangings are not even with one another. If you have many things that you are going to put up on a single wall, consider arranging the items on the floor first to figure out how you should hang the items.

Unusual decorations like bamboo art or Asian quilt art can create a very soft, delicate feel in your room. If you thought that these items were solely for the bedroom, you're wrong, as they can be used as beautiful way to bring a soft touch to any room in your home.

You might also accessorize with an Asian room divider, Asian figurines, or an indoor water fountain.

These all help to build great ambiance and really add to the overall feel of the room.

No matter what you choose to use for your decorations, be certain you have a plan for what styles of decor to locate and stick with that plan.

All too many times, people start out with great intentions for their room, but end up going away from their original ideas when they begin shopping.

In addition to all this, remember what sizes of decorations you need to fill up your space without creating congestion. If you go with these rules, you'll be able to accessorize your home with accessories that work perfect with each other.

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