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Friday, January 28, 2011

Strategies For Building Up Self Esteem In Your Business

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By Dorothy Alexander

Most business owners don't appear to pay much attention to building up the self esteem of their employees. What you may not realize is the long term, positive results your business can yield from investing in this personal aspect of your employees. It is possible, too, that this approach to business growth just hasn't occurred to many business owners. Uncertainty about how to approach the task of improving self esteem may also be an issue. We would like to take some time to address this issue now. These techniques will help you build greater self esteem within your business.

Recognition is a key way to build self esteem and help your employees feel valued. Often, these opportunities for recognition get neglected or are not fully taken advantage of, however. Recognizing and valuing the individual contributions people make to your business is important. Not only can you easily accomplish this task in various ways but you can and should implement it throughout the different levels of your business. All levels of management within your company need to be made aware of this aspect of business dynamics. People respond positively to getting individual recognition on a personal level. Both the personal approach and company wide recognition are great ways to help build up the self esteem within your business.

Employees should never be reprimanded or criticized in front of their peers. This is not only highly unprofessional, it can cause extreme embarrassment in the person being reprimanded. The results and repercussions of this kind of incident are never good for anyone involved or for your business. People become resentful and more negative about their work place and the person who caused the embarrassment when treated this way. The better alternative is to handle such matters behind closed doors and in total privacy. Then, it's important to handle the matter as professionally as possible.

You will have an immediate impact on your employees sense of worth if you let them know that you care about them. Having someone in the work place that employees can talk to about serious problems is one method of accomplishing this. Such concerns can be best handled by your human resources department. You will find that some people may be too embarrassed or uncomfortable to make use of this option but there will be some that will.

The methods and strategies available for improving self esteem within the workplace are generally small in nature. But these methods are very effective so don't let that fool you. The impact of the little things is the most far reaching and it is often the little things that count the most. We understand that businesses are always concerned with cost. These programs cost little to nothing to implement, and produce positive results.

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