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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Karma Reincarnation Is It Truth Or Myth?

Posted by patrick

By Jim McRoy

If you follow the traditional beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism, you accept karma reincarnation as truth. You believe that no action goes on that isn't followed by a reaction at some time in this life or the next. The act of kindness follows you into your next incarnation. When you are plagued by bad fortune, it is said to be a result of you being bad in a past life.

Those who have faith in the concept of karma are convinced that by doing good deeds, they will be rewarded in the next life. Passive behavior is encouraged by the religious leaders. It allows them to have influence over the people. They accept that rewards for goodness will come to them in their next incarnation.

Karma is a do all, be all, answer for everything that happens in life. It encourages passivity rather than taking charge and trying to improve the life you live NOW.

In this sense it is a negative concept. One man, James Van Praagh, claims he is a conduit for the multitudes who have lived and died on earth. His word can be challenged. His belief cannot be proved wrong.

The Western world has a concept of reincarnation that is disconnected from its religious roots. It is connected to meditation, psychic abilities and other trendy ways to improve a person's life. If James Van Praagh were believable, we all may as well sit back and take whatever life dishes out. There is nothing we can do to interrupt the path, good or bad, that karma determines we are to follow.

Religious concepts are rejected for good reason by many deep thinkers. Be active in life. Make things happen. Don't be passive in your approach to life. If you want to follow someone, make sure he or she is going in a direction that will lead you towards happiness and satisfaction in this life. Those who sit and wait for happiness to find them will be sorely disappointed.

Can you solve the ongoing mystery of who you were in a past life and how many past lives you lived? Maybe not, but people continue to try. Therapists have many clients come to them for help in answering those questions. Some people make philosophy their lifelong study. Some therapists use past life regression therapy to aid in remembering possible past existences.

Past life regression is only one of many therapies considered quirky. There was rebirthing therapy, primal scream therapy and others that fall outside the parameters of accepted methods. If past life regression will ease your mind in any way, it seems harmless. But, take care and choose a reputable person with good references to take you through the process.

You may want to try hypnotism to recall past life experiences. Find a therapist trained in the method to assist you. Relaxation is key to the process. You are in an ultra-relaxed state. Some people consider it to be trance like. Explore the possibilities of you having lived before by trying to remember facts and names of places that can later be verified true. Karma reincarnation may or may not be actual fact. No one knows for sure.

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